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Fake Usher Bills @ Strip Club?



You’ve heard of bitcoin, now get ready for Ushbucks. R&B singer Usher is getting flack on Twitter for allegedly using fake money with his own name and face on it at a strip club. However, the club tells Page Six it’s all a big misunderstanding. Dubbed “Ushbucks” by one wag on the social media site, the cash, in denominations of $100, $20 and $1, was previously seen on Usher’s official social media channels — stuffed in a see-through suitcase — on April 3. The story began with a woman going by beel0ove on Instagram, who posted pics of the money to her private account Monday. A friend of hers then shared it, tagging both the strip club — Sapphire Las Vegas — and gossip site The Shade Room, who later posted it to their own Instagram. From there, the star’s supposed attempt at usher-ing in his own form of currency quickly spread across social media, trending on Twitter by Monday afternoon. Sources say “He (Usher) and his crew converted thousands of real dollars to tip the girls dancing on the stage,” and “left a generous tip for the staff!”

“Apparently someone in his team left some Usher dollars on the floor to promote his Vegas residency,” Wilson continued. “That is where it seems the confusion came in. But real actual cash was used for tips. We would love to host him again.”  announced a Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace — set to begin in July — to September. Ironically, his most recent post shows him wearing a bucket hat made out of $1 bills. The singer has yet to weigh in on the burgeoning scandal publicly. 

Usher reportedly made it rain in the club with fake money and Twitter has a  lot to say


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