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Big Daddy Kane says Biz Markie is "getting better"

According to Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie is in rehab after suffering from a stroke that affected his brain. After reportedly suffering a stroke, Biz Markie is showing some promising signs of recovery, according to his friend and collaborator Big Daddy Kane. During a recent interview,  the legendary MC gave fans a hopeful update on the status of Markie’s health. “He’s getting better,” Kane told the morning show. “He’s in rehabilitation now. He’s getting better and stronger every day. Last time I talked to him on the phone, he got a real light voice, but last time I talked on the phone. He stuck his middle finger up at me, so I think he’s coming along.”

Rapper Biz Markie hospitalized for weeks due to diabetes
Biz Markie Health Update Following Stroke – SOHH.com















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