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Comedian Craig Robinson cancels performance after shooting

A man allegedly crashed a comedy club, insisted that everyone leave, and he later opened fire. It so happened that comedian Craig Robinson was going to perform there that night.

Officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, identified the suspect as Omar James McCombs, 36, Employees at the Comedy Zone in the AvidXchange Music Factory told the outlet a man stepped inside while waiving around a gun Saturday night. He insisted everyone leave, they said.



There were about 50 customers were inside and dozens outside, the outlet said. Cops said that McCombs allegedly opened fire after the evacuation.

Cops did not announce any injuries.

“I heard there were people running out, even some of our coworkers couldn’t get in,” Serenity Sanders told the outlet. “They were confused. A lot of chaos. I’m glad it wasn’t bad, people could still come out to the factory and enjoy their time out.”



Robinson said in a video posted Saturday that there was an “active shooter.” They had to run to a concert, he said. A woman-off-screen sad, “They got him.”

“Thank you to the Comedy Zone security and staff for getting us to safety quickly,” Robinson said in a new statement to Instagram. “Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support and well wishes. Thank you CMPD for swift action in apprehending the shooter. Hopefully he gets the help he needs. Thanks be to God no one was hurt. Please stay safe everyone.”

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