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What's Going On With 50 Cent?

50 Cent Hurls Microphone into Crowd, Hits Fan in Head

 50 Cent is now a suspect in a criminal battery report.
The woman (Power 106's radio personality) was hit in the face with the microphone thrown by 50 Cent on Wednesday Night on the last leg of his tour. 

Bryhana's Vybes—Chicago Edition

Law enforcement sources report... they believe 50 threw the mic at his crew in the production area and hit the victim accidentally. The victim told police, 50 looked directly at her before throwing the mic, so at least, according to her, 50 knew she was there. The victim went to the hospital with a laceration on her head. 

Power 106 Host Bryhana Injured After Being Hit with Microphone 50 Cent  Threw at Concert | VladTV

Photos of the victim surfaced on Instagram, showing a gash in her forehead and bloody towels wrapped around her neck.



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